Welcome to the online Arts for Learning curriculum. Arts for Learning (A4L) is a groundbreaking literacy curriculum that blends the creativity and discipline of the arts with learning science to support student achievement in reading and writing and develop young people’s learning and life skills.  A4L provides a strategy to engage students in literacy and the arts, as well as utilize specific skills that are important for life‐long learning.  Findings from independently conducted, national evaluations show significant student gains in developing key literacy skills, including English language learners, students with special needs and those who perform below grade level.
The arts-integrated A4L Units provide students opportunities to excel in the classroom through activities that tap into a wide variety of skill sets and learning styles. A4L was conceived in 2005 by Young Audiences, Inc. in partnership with the University of Washington, and with principal support for initial design, development and implementation provided by the Starr Foundation.   Each of the A4L Units of instruction focuses on a particular art form and is built around one or more central texts.
Newly Added Resource: As of April 10, 2015, Unit's 3 & 4 Student Texts have been translated into Spanish. Research links added on October 13, 2016.